Can you recall back to the first time you played Amsterdam? When was that? Where?
It was maybe 5 or 6 years ago it was for a very passionate promoter that created a party just so he could bring me to Amsterdam. It was at this new paper pressing plant across the street from what use to be trow. At the time it was a restaurant and he was a chef there as well. I have to say much respect and love to my man Willem you are one of the best.

What are your impressions of musical education in Amsterdam?
Amsterdam is unique with its own scene, way and sound. It’s pretty awesome because you have a very musically educated audience in the city. When I played in Amsterdam I do my best to take the crowd to unfamiliar spaces from my perspective. They know a lot and get a lot of impressions from all over the international scene so it’s almost expected that you come with something from outer space and thats my vibe all day.

What about your impressions of Amsterdam as a center for dance music, specifically?
To be quite honest I have to say the  world is a village these days. There are many centers. That’s what makes it all very exciting. One might say this city is the center or another city but in all reality any city with a healthy vibrant scene that brings tourism is a center. There is a certain amount of commerce that suggest this to be true.  Amsterdam is a international city and that adds cache to the mystique that is already there. So therefore it is a center and a important one but it wouldn’t  be fare to all the other centers that make up the international scene.

How does it compare to, say, London or New York?
You can’t compare London to New York or Amsterdam to let’s say Paris. There is a fundamental truth to keep in mind, they are all different. The people the vibe all the details that make the differences are unique. This is why each have their own thing. if it were  all the same no one would need to visit the other.

Do you have any non-nightlife related activities you enjoy doing while visiting Amsterdam?
I dig Red Light Radio there is a little record store next to it I had the pleasure of going for a quick dig and found some great stuff. The food is great also the canal is pretty romantic.

Can you talk a little about New York City these days and how you see the “scene” over there?
New York is thriving more and more clubs are opening and that’s great.

I check in every so often as I live in Europe these days however whenever I go back there is excitement in the air and the people are partying.  To sum it up the scene is growing.

How do you gauge its strength?
Nightlife is as strong as the community it supports you freed it good experiences good vibes and a chance to make memories you will reap the fruits of a nurturing situation. Thats how I see New York moving forward a place that creates memorable experiences and lives up to the legacy of days past but with an eye on the future.

How to you see it as a place for creativity to still flourish?
That’s another story all together. New York is a financial center period. It is all about commerce, trade and now since Google opened a campus on 14th street in manhattan, Technology. New York is not a friendly place for creatives unless your aim is to enter one of these fields. The nostalgia has long since faded and is only upheld by the commercial efforts. This is  just my opinion In The rawest from there are exceptions. Creatives are a different sort and require time and space to do experiments and dip into the other. Unless you have been around and invested wisely 20 or more years ago it would be very difficult to find the time or space to be creative on your own terms. We are talking about making something that did not exist and bringing it from there to here. That is time consuming and time is money, New York never sleeps therefore you have to keep up with that to be there in the first place. Back in the day the city was a war zone and on the verge of being bankrupt. It was cheap to live there you could hustle get your thing going. This is where the rich history NYC art scene came from people making ways where there were non. These days not so much. You need two jobs just make ends meet if your not Fortune 500 material.

I’m wondering, how would you break down your gig stateside vs. in Europe?
For me eveyr gig is different and it’s own experience. I don’t say I will play this way here or there. I come with my record bag, files and CD’s that I have researched before hand. Doesn’t matter where I am or where the club is we are all going some place where depends on the vibe .

Do you see a big difference one way or the other?
People are different everywhere.

What moves one may not move another. It’s not about me Im being of service and a collaborator from pace to place it plays out differently. The social make up plays a huge part as well as the masculine feminine energy these things have a effect and play a major role in what type of experience it will be. Some don’t look that deep into it but this is our time how we spend it is valuable so why not look at the details. Time is currency so look into it  like this and it all matters every second.

How has this ration evolved from your earliest days touring?
My earliest days of touring gave me  perspective and put my intention in check. It is humbling when you think about it. People go to a night club or festival to have a good time mostly to escape and reshape their mind for another week of challenges ahead.  if your not in support of this you can not  serve and that defeats the purpose in my opinion.

The word “deep” (as well as “soulful) is used to describe your sound quite often. How do you define the words “Deep House”?
For me, and I can’t stress this enough, it’s the New York/ Nee Jersey sound of the late 80’s early 90’s. For me that’s deep house. Today is not the same but I carry that feeling with me everywhere I go because thats when I fell in love with this music. So if I’m described in the way it’s because I was and still am influenced by that time period.

Amongst your peers, who do you think are some of the best representatives of the contemporary “deep house” sound?
DJ QU, Giles and James basically the people and grateful to share the stage with at ADE this year.

For Amsterdam Dance Event you will be joining the likes of Paul Johnson, Secretsundaze, DJ Qu, and more for a special event. What do you have in store for a gig like this?
I’m going to play some music and do my best to take it somewhere interesting .

Do you prepare specifically or do you wing it?
It’s a collaboration between the crowd and myself. I do prepare before hand but there is no plan when you walk in door of the venue. we find out at the same time where we are going somewhere that’s exciting.

Will you be doing any record shopping while in town for ADE?
It’s possible I always find something good in Amsterdam.

Finally, looking onwards into 2017, what do you have planned?
2017 is a pretty busy year as I have a few releases coming such as the final installment of the FP-ONER trilogy 7. Also there is the follow up to the Captain P album from 2010 this one is a bit of a tribute to old New York it’s called Escapism it will be released on the Boards label.  It’s over 11 years for soul people music as a label. I’m planing the first mixed unmixed compilation but it’s not what folks would expect. There are some special digital presentations strictly for bandcamp. There’s a lot to look forward to.

What are you excited for?
Playing live. It has been something on my radar since the beginning. It’s A new chapter in uncharted territory. I’m excited because it’s a new horizon a new direction new inspiration. I have a lot to be grateful for as a artist. Forward always….

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