Spin the wheels & spin the record now is not only just a linguistic game. A designer trio (Merel SlootherLiat Azulay and Pieter Frank de Jong) from the Netherlands (no surprise), married their love for bikes and vinyls and created a prototype of a bike that generates music while pedalling.

Feats Per Minute is a beautiful prototype made by reconstructing an original German Alpina bicycle from the mid 80s, which is debuting on the Dezeen Platform in London on the 9th of October. Slick black and serious as Matrix’ Neo’ s coat, the bike’s frame makes an appearance just as much as the sound of the vinyl will make the entrance.

The most interesting aspect is the engineering part, of course. Simple adjustments to the original made it easy to change records, while a few twists on the chain ensure the records don’t skip. The record holds on a bike by screwing onto frame with a small cap, and to keep it steady, the needle is spring-loaded. To stream the sound while you’re cruising around town, designers installed a megaphone-type amplifier, which is in fact made of plumbing materials.

Just like any public record spinning, this requires practice as the challenge is to keep a stable speed, since it is connected to the record playing speed.

The Dutch and their love for bicycles, gotta admire that for certain.