It seems as though discount airline Ryanair has had enough with rowdy passengers traveling to Ibiza and has amended its on board BYOB policy.

The announcement that duty free alcohol will no longer be allowed on all Ibiza bound UK flights (the airline had already banned alcohol on Glasgow-Ibiza flights last Spring). Bags will be searched at the gate and any alcohol will either be thrown away or forced into checked baggage. Additionaly, the airline has also stated that passengers trying to hide alcohol or showing any signs of anti-social behaviour will be denied travel without refund or compensation.

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In similar actions, Jet2 has banned two passengers for life whose mid-air antics on a Glasgow to Turkey flight saw them handed over to the Turkish authorities. Friday night easyJet flights are also notorious for being rowdy. As we reported recently another flight from Glasgow to Ibiza went viral with large numbers of passengers singing, dancing, and swearing in front of children who were onboard.

You can read the entire email Ryanair sent out to its Ibiza bound customers below


Source: NY Mag