Amnesia, the Ibizan megaclub that hosts the likes of Cocoon, Hyte, Music On (but also, paris Hilton…hmmm), has been put on notice by the island’s government with tighter restrictions and new time limits.

Primarily, the new restrictions will limit the club to no longer stay open past 6am, which means that its potential as an afterparty location is heavily in doubt (although Amnesia adamantly claims they will make their best efforts to still host). It is unclear what the additional restrictions are, but with Ibiza’s rapid catering to the VIP/luxury crowd, it would be unsurprising if they revolve around promotional activities and the limiting of congrataed crowds around the venue

In a statement posted on the club’s website, Amnesia explained the situation with,

“Through the constant pressures by the institutions of the island, restricting the club’s schedule to promote other interests and having accepted and paid all the fines that have been imposed on us and deny one more time the exceptionality of a morning schedule for the Opening”.

Amnesia’s opening party, to be held on 28 May will now run 4pm – 6am (a measly 14 hours) and feature the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Pan-Pot, Hector, Apollonia, and more.

Oh, there’s also a solidarity hashtag #Youwillneverdancealone if this happens to be your social issue of choice.

Source: DJ Mag