We did not want to partake in the news that MTV plans to air a spin-off of the unbelievably successful Jersey – and Geordie Shore programs set on the white isle, Ibiza Shore. Aside from the fact that it’s set in a different location, there’s no real difference in content between the different shows, and so an Ibiza version did not come as a real surprise – even though many people, including yours truly, expressed their sadness at hearing the news of the formula hitting Ibiza’s shore.

It was all the more pleasing to hear that the president of Ibiza’s local government, Vicent Torres, was feeling exactly the same way about the show. Torres has made a statement saying he and his government are looking for legal options to stop filming plans on the island for the show that glorifies binge drinking and overall stupid behaviour. “If we can stop this, we will,” Torres promised, fearing that the show will only contribute to the image of Ibiza being a haven for drunk and out-of-their-head tourists seeking cheap thrills in its once-glamorous nightlife scene.

Although it’s hard to stop a show from happening, especially when it’s in the hands of a powerhouse production company like MTV, Torres has called upon fellow influential Ibiza inhabitants to do everything in their power to make the MTV production as hard a trial as possible for them, saying:

“We know that it’s hard to impede this show from being made, but we’re encouraging everyone to do what they can to avoid Ibiza Shore becoming a reality. It’s up to all of us to associate Ibiza’s name with quality tourism and avoid, as much as possible, connecting Ibiza with these kinds of stereotypes and embarrassing clichés.”

To be continued..