Though it hasn’t quite found its way to this websites host island of Ibiza, nearby Majorcan resort Magaluf has been plagued by a cheap synthetic drug known as Flakka, which is known to cause “zombie-like” behaviour by its users.

Primarily aimed at the British holiday crowd, Flakka (aka Alpha-PVP) creates a similar euphoric feeling to MDMA, however also producing intense hallucinations – some of which can last for days. So far two British tourists have been hospitalised this past Friday who were suffering from the adverse effects of the drug.

Already banned in the United States, after numerous reports of dangerous behaviour from users, Flakka is a pink or white powder which can be swallowed, injected, snorted or smoked (though doctors warn of the increased risk of overdose via the latter ingestion method due to its rapid entrance into a users bloodstream).

The drug is a synthetic ecstasy-like substitute almost exclusively manufactured in China (where it is legal) to the tune of 1,000 per kilogram. Its street value can cause the same kg to be priced upwards of 30,000 on the street, however.

There are a handful of videos on YouTube that cover some of the effects of Flakka in the US, especially in the state of Florida, where the synthetic drug market is booming. You can watch a short video covering 24 hours in the Florida Flakka crisis courtesy of Fusion TV’s ‘America With Jorge Ramos’ (warning: some readers may find the content of the video disturbing).

Source: Express