Two years ago I went to Ibiza for the first time in my life. It was love at first sight and I vowed to go back every year. As the legend goes, the mystical rock Es Vedra, just off the coast, gives the island its force of attraction. More down to earth people like myself however, attribute this to the beautiful weather, numerous beaches, delicious food, laid back beach clubs and above all this, the amazing night life.

Nowhere in the world are this many electronic music fans and artists gathering every year for a summer of partying frenzy. The quantity and quality of the events is high and therefore Ibiza is to DJ’s and promoters what New York was to Sinatra; if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

We arrived on the White Isle on a Friday and after a great lunch (tip: foccacia lamb at La Paloma) and a classic sunset in San Antonio it was time for our first night out. And what better way to start the weekend than with a party called ‘Music On’?! The party is in its fourth season, held at Amnesia, the club established in 1976 and is deemed one of the powerhouses of Ibiza’s night life. It serves a broad audience with all kinds of electronic music throughout the season, but tonight the main course was techno with an appetizer of tech house. We were welcomed by social media manager Emma, who showed us around, fixed a drink and immediately made us feel at home in the huge venue. We stayed in the Main Room for a while where Neverdogs were playing and enjoyed the beats as well as the diverse crowd coming in. Seeing all the different people and hearing the foreign languages, it seemed as if the whole world was represented and you could feel the excitement of everyone awaiting a big night.

“The Terrace erupted. Carola saw it was good, and gave a thumbs up to the lighting deck behind him. Il capo di tutti capi indeed”

At 2am Paco Osuna started his set in the Main Room, but we decided to go the Terrace, once an open air area, now a room even bigger than the Main Room with an impressive sound and light system. Richy Ahmed was just spinning his first records, and after doing an interview with him last year, this was actually the first time I got to see him play. As a member of Jamie JonesParadise family he tends to play house and tech house, but tonight he was booked at a techno party and it would be interesting to see how he would handle that. Well, the answer is quite simple: brilliantly. Playing the deeper side of his collection he made a perfect transition from a more UK sound to the Italian techno that would follow. Especially his second hour contained a couple of dance floor bangers that got the hands in the air.

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