Napolitan Dynamite

After two hours Ahmed received a well deserved applause from the crowd and then it was time for what most people had been waiting for. With all due respect to the other artists, they all have to accept to play second fiddle when Marco Carola is on the bill. Starting his career in 1994 he has left his mark in three decades of dance music.  When I moved to Amsterdam in 2006 and started visiting festivals like Awakenings and Welcome to the Future, Carola was nearly always a fixed headliner. Playing minimal techno with contagious bass lines and tweaky sounds he earned a place on my list of favourite DJ’s. After the minimal days were over, he didn’t leave the stage. On the contrary, he kept developing his sound and until today he is a regular at virtually all big venues and festivals all over the world.

From the first record on, Carola made his intentions very clear to the audience, which bursted out in euphoria. What followed was a firm techno set with little room for ‘distractions’ like melody or long breaks. With a relentless tempo, deep bass lines and subtle varieties he controlled the Terrace. And as if playing a set for over 2.000 people isn’t enough, he also made time to intervene in the visuals. One moment he turned around to the LJ’s and told them with big Italian gestures they had to take it up a notch. Not even a minute later he dropped a dance floor bomb and put his hands to the sky. The CO2 canons and blinding light effects did the rest: the Terrace erupted. Carola saw it was good, and gave a thumbs up to the lighting deck behind him. Il capo di tutti capi indeed.

It was well after 6am when we left the club, with Carola still playing and the crowd still dancing. Already in the taxi we came to the conclusion this actually was the best way to kick off our party weekend in Ibiza, just like we’d expected.

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