Relating back to the female artists subject, do you try to push as many females through your show, for example with your Future 12 feature.
Yeah definitely that is what the Future 12 is all about, pushing new artists male or female. Like La Fleur for example, she will be taking part in the summer, I only met her in March for the Mixmag Lab, I loved her and she sent me loads of music so I have been watching out for her for a while now. She will be one of our Future 12’s over the summer, so she will have the feature for the whole month, I’m not sure which month she’s doing yet but she will be on.

Picking up artists like that and really giving them a bit of a platform to let our listeners and the nation peek into who they are, what they’re about, the style they play, just a little bit more than having a one off guest mix, that’s what it is all about. They can do a different theme for each mix every week, you just get a little bit more into that artists mind, that’s always very important and what I try to get across to our listeners.

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On the production side of things, I just wanted to touch upon the Fatima Yamaha edit you released last year.
So that kind of exploded yeah! That was really only a festival edit that I was playing personally over the summer of last year, but everyone kept asking about it so I was like yeah maybe I’ll just release it as a free Christmas download. The original was released ages ago, then came out on the re-release and became a massive track last summer, everyone was playing it, it was a huge festival tune, great vibes. I had done the edit just to make it more playable in my sets and it just exploded in to this thing, which is why I just gave it away for free download for fun.

Production wise I have been back in the studio for the last year, I have finally decided what to do with my music, I was a little bit on the fence for a long time in terms of what I wanted to release. My team and I decided if I’m really going to show a proper representation of myself, I should just start releasing my music on my own. So, everything will be coming out on my own label, which is something really exciting and something I’ve always wanted to do. I won’t go into too much detail right now, as we’ll be releasing more information soon.

It kind of just clicked, if I was going to start releasing music again, it should just be the best representation of me, it shouldn’t just be on another label, and that is extremely liberating, to be able to do it on my own terms and control everything, as I’m a psycho control freak, it’s been really nice! So there will be new music from me coming really soon which is kind of freaky! I’ve played some it out before, the first track from my Mixmag Lab set was my own, I’m also going to be playing some tonight at Dalt Villa, so it’s really nice to have stuff in the orbit again, it feels really good.

You have got a ridiculous amount of shows coming up over the summer, including Glastonbury and Parklife with a b2b Alan Fitzpatrick yeah?
Yeah Alan and I will be doing a b2b, he will also be joining me for the B2B Chameleon Club Mix on the Friday night on my Radio 1 show before hand, so we will head to Parklife the next day. After that Alan will also be joinging me at Hideout Festival in Croatia, as part of our Radio 1 party and on my own boat party. I have 2 shows at Glastonbury, one of which is a b2b with Subb-an. I mean Subb-an is one of my favorite DJ’s, he’s so technical and the music he plays is just, ah I can not wait, he’s excellent. I will also be doing Lovebox, T In The Park Slam tent, Secret Garden Party and Ill be heading to Morocco for the first time for Oasis Festival. There are loads of Ibiza dates too, I will be joining Carl Cox for his final year at Space, Steve Lawler for VIVa Warriors at Sankeys, the new techno night ONYX at Space and of course I’ll be back with Radio 1 at some point.

You mentioned your show tonight at Dalt Villa, it is quite an early set, sort of a sunset set, how are you going to approach it?
I’m not sure! They keep switching my set with Benjamin Damage’s as he is meant to have the sun set set because he has planned a big special live show, which will be amazing. They keep checking the times of when the sun is actually going to go down, so for me tonight, because it is quite early people don’t really want to be going super hard yet, so I will be playing some of the softer sides of my productions, just creating a groove for the crowd.

Finally to finish off, where is your one place to go and chill out in Ibiza, do you have your one special place?
There are so many! Town wise I really, really love Santa Eulalia, it is sometimes quite quiet, it’s just a little further away from the ‘club life chaos’ which Ibiza can be sometimes and as I mentioned, I love spending time in the countryside. One of my favorite restaurants is La Paloma, it is incredible, really laid back, the food is delicious and healthy, that is my number one place.

B Traits plays Somerley T Party tomorrow and ONYX @ Space Ibiza on August 15th.

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by Ollie Howarth