Over the past couple of years your studio output as been quite prolific, how do you balance your time in the studio with your time touring and also relaxing (if there is such a thing)?
I’m a workaholic. I devote all my time to music, whether travelling to play or in the studio, so I don’t really have time for a big social life. The only moments of relaxation I have are eating at nice restaurants with friends. It’s a choice – a bit drastic I confess – I made a few years ago: no love life and no kids! Only music, good restaurants and crossfit every day to keep healthy.

What is an essential piece of gear for you on the road? In the studio?
The most important thing in this business is to sleep enough! Over the years, with all the long trips, sleepless nights, and junk food in airports, fatigue sets in increasingly. It’s therefore essential to have a healthy life and enough hours of sleep in a day to be 100% operational, whether playing, in the studio or on the road. For this, I try to take a maximum number of micro naps, whether at home or before I go on live. As it’s not always easy to sleep on demand, I’ve helped myself in recent years with 100% natural melatonin pills that you can buy in any pharmacy.

What are some of your artistic goals for 2015 and beyond?
I hope my club mix version of Porno’s ‘Music Power’ will be as successful as the remix I did of ‘Sheeta’ by Hunzed & Harvey last summer. I haven’t stopped playing Porno’s 2004 vinyl version, and when I saw it in the catalogue of Deeperfect when choosing the tracks for the Barcelona Off Week 2015 compilation that I’ve just mixed, I immediately asked them to do a completely revamped version because it is one of my all-time favourites.

Also we are working more and more with my buddy Hot Since 82 – playing together and releasing on his Knee Deep In Sound label – and it’s amazing to see that my podcast on his label’s Soundcloud has already got more than 30,000 listens after just a few days!

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