Proprietors of luxury Ibiza accommodation, Chic Ibiza Villas, will now offer their (very rich) customers the gateway to stardom with DJ masterclasses included in certain rental packages.

Offered as part of the £11,000 (not including DJ lessons!!!) price tag at the companies Villa Moonraker abode, the two 1-hour DJ sessions will teach “mixing, fading, and other essential skills” at the Es Vive Boutique hotel’s Experience Bar. The sessions will be taught by one of the club’s resident DJs, all of which have mixed editions of the clubs eponymous annual mix series.

Chic Ibiza Villas co founder Nick Reid says of the package, “This is an exciting new offer for us. We’re sure guests who try out the masterclass will come away having had a lot of fun, with some new skills they can try out at home. Where better to learn DJ techniques than Ibiza?”

Check out some of the images of the property below, and if you have the spare £11,000 you might as well just book it. Even if you’re not trying to get the DJ tutorials (just go out and learn yourself), the property is unquestionably gorgeous. Plus, you can always just tell people you are a touring DJ anyway…

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Source: Incentive Travel