After X Rated clips from a Mediterranean boat party surfaced online (you know where to find it), Spanish police have taken to the seas to crack down on the wild, seafaring adventures.

Over the past few days, police speedboats have been seen circling party boats with the specific intention of finding Nitrous Oxide and breathalysing the boats captain and other members of the crew, lecturing all on passenger safety along the way. Of all the raids, thus far none have resulted in the confiscation of any illegal substances.

The reason for the water raids comes as Spanish police become increasingly concerned tourists are bypassing newly implemented laws meant to curb public drinking by going on the boat parties to satisfy their public drunkeness fix.  Police have also mentioned that through the rest of the season boat parties will come under increased scrutiny for noise levels. permits, licenses, life jackets, flares, and safety protocol.

So, this seems to be another link in the chain of Ibiza (and other Balearic islands) coming under the scrutiny of the police state but, in this case, as safety is of concern and behavior is always an issue, perhaps it is more justified than the continuing day party issues.

Source: Daily Mail

Update: I forgot to link the source of the “X Rated Video,” which is now here. Apologies.