Speaking on FLOW, what were the origins of the concept? Why was it named FLOW? Where do you see it going?
FLOW evolved from a radio show into events and a label. Flow is a state of mind where time plays no part and your mind shuts off, you are just enjoying the moment. Our challenge is to get people into this state of bliss. We also keep a Flow in our musical selection; we want the music we play to fit together, keeping you locked in. For the future we are expanding our events and hosting more festival stages in The Netherlands and also overseas. We will host events at Egg London, Dublin, and Labyrinth Club in Hasselt to name a few.

Like the sampler, why is it important to have an ADE showcase event? What does it say within the industry at large?
A big part of the worlds dance scene is present at ADE. Like the Sampler, your own event is a way of showcasing your musical identity and direction.

Do you have any particularly fond ADE memories from over the years?
ADE memories are very blurry 😉 It’s absolute mayhem. I like to visit my colleagues and support them, so on a night I’m visiting multiple events, and every time you enter you have a drink… and then you have another… and before you know it you’re at an unknown location wondering where the night went. It’s all very enjoyable though and part of the charm of ADE.

What about your impressions on Amsterdam? Where are some non-nightlife places you like to visit when here?
Amsterdam is an amazing and vibrant city with a big electronic music scene. I don’t have a lot of time to chill when I’m in Amsterdam, but when I do, I like to go to Roest and Hanneke’s Boom.

So, after ADE, what are you looking forward to for the rest of 2017?
After ADE I will be doing a small Asia tour and after that my first USA tour! Also I will be releasing music on ABODE Records and Circus Recordings by Yousef. I’m really excited about the opportunities for Flow we have for next year, we will host stages on some incredible festivals and have events at unique locations. To follow our upcoming events keep an eye on our Facebook Page.

“ADE 2016 Sampler” is available 14 October on LTF Records

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22 October | FLOW @ ADE | Tickets | AIR, Amsterdam