For a little over three years now – you’ve been releasing off your own label Hungry Music. What’s the core theme behind the label and what’s the driving force behind each release?
Most of people only see the artists through each releases. But behind the scenes, a lot of people work on the production to make the label evolving and growing. We also work with new artists such as Stereoclip (from Brussels) who will be part of the adventure very soon. We seek to find new personalities that really fit our philosophy, both on a human and a musical aspect. And we always try to tell a story through the music. That is the heart of our project 🙂

You have a performance at Pleinvrees coming up –how does the aesthetic of the event suit your music?
Pleinvrees events are always musically rich and colorful ! In a way, the performance need to suit the event 🙂 the feeling with the crowd is very intense and I’m gonna try to produce something dynamic and emotional.

You’ve mentioned before that one of your favorite places to play is Amsterdam. What is it that you like about performing here in Amsterdam?
Events in Amsterdam are always great in many ways, from the aesthetic to the organization of the festival. Moreover, It’s always the meeting point of many brilliant DJs and Producers. The quality of the show and the crowd are always fine!

And – how are you preparing for your set at Pleinvrees? Do you undergo change in your performance setup every so often?
My setup allows me to adapt and I’m able to play many different tracks. I’ll also play new tracks for this event. Can’t wait to see how people react!

Other than your own performance – which artists’ sets are you most looking forward to at Pleinvrees?
Stephan Bodzin, Andhim, Dominik eulberg, Gui Boratto, Joachim Pastor (always a pleasure even if I often see him playing 🙂 it’s always different and innovative) Not sure I’ll be able to see all them playin’ though 🙂

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3 September | Pleinvrees Festival | Tickets | Sportpark Riekerhaven