I understand that back in the day as a kid, jungle and rave were where your music interests lay. I’ve noticed that your track list for Connected contains collaborations with contemporary artists & producers who have a heavy influence in the scene, including Bodhi and Huxley. One track that really stands out for me amongst the rest is The Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea what made you want to remix this track?
Thank you.. remixes normally come to me, but occasionally I make a VIP or something for my sets, and this one was for my Essential Mix a couple of years back. We’ve worked hard with The Future Sound of London guys to make it official but they agreed and I’m happy everyone can get their hands on it now. It’ll never top the original of course, but it brings todays vibe to the tune. I’m so grateful they agreed to make it happen.

Apart from the release of Connected what else have been your biggest achievements of this year to date? Both personal and professional…
Well I became a father for the first time last November, so bringing my daughter up is a new challenge and something I’m very proud of. It obviously changed our lives immensely, but she’s my main focus outside of music, and a new drive too.

Professionally, getting Connected together has been hard work, I can’t lie. So much goes into getting the music done, then the business side and bringing it to the world, generating a buzz. It’s gone as well as it could have so fingers crossed for it’s release Oct 14th.

At ADE you will play amongst a host of Defected residents, as Defected celebrate their 500th label release. What has been your involvement with Defected? Are they a record label that you have followed from the very beginning?
Yeah Defected are a label that stick to their guns and make everything with the right kind of vibe, love and quality. Trends come and go but they are as solid as always and have basked in the House revolution again the last few years. They always have since starting out, so remixing for them, producing Eli & Fur and occasionally DJing for them is a privilege. They know how to look after people and make you welcome even if you’re not part of the furniture, so I can’t wait for ADE this year.

With ADE making its debut back in 1996, who has been the most influential artist/producer that you have had the pleasure of meeting at the event? What was influential about them?
That’s a hard one to think of.. I’m usually in and out in a few days due to other commitments, so quality time with someone influential is difficult! I’d love to meet KiNK and chat about nerdy stuff with him.. he always gets me going.

For those that are ADE virgins how would you describe the five day music conference to them? What are you hoping to get out of the event? Is it a place for discovering new tracks and talent?
Personally, it’s about connecting (no pun intended) with like-minds in a place that offers so much forward thinking and creativity. It’s about sharing experiences, not just raving but getting in a room to see a panel chat about a part of the industry in an intimate setting. It’s about new equipment and where we take things next. There’s people there who have never been before, right through to veterans who are still as relevant today as ever. You can see them in a coffee shop, a rave or just hanging outside the Dylan. It’s a very inspiring conference and no matter what you might want to take from it, it’ll be there.

And finally, what have been your most memorable and favourite tracks from this year?
Too many to mention, my Rinse show allows me to experience so much every week.. on a DJ / party level it’s Patrick Toppings remix of ‘Dem a pree’, and on another level it’s Lone’s ‘Levitate’ album. Class all over the place.

“Connected” is available 14 October on Food Music. Pre Order

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