How open are you to speak out on societal issues in public?

I do that all the time. Last week I spoke about cops, police brutality in US, how they killed a guy in Miami, who was surrounded by cops, holding a razor blade and instead of arresting they just killed him. The guy does not deserve to die, he does belong in jail. And a week before that I posted my thoughts on Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate.

Are you eager to affect fans to certain behavior?

Some people don’t agree in having Beyonce tweeting on having Burnie Sanders as a president, but I say as forward thinking people, artists should do whatever they can to engage people who just take information from their parents.
I am trying to do that in a way that it is not forced upon them, so they make their own decisions, what they see right or wrong. My tweet was “This could have been me. I was arrested with a box cutter.” They could make their own decisions.

You spoke about it to the press before, but I am not sure if you are comfortable with me asking you on the issue on your arrest. I simply know that it made a major impact on expanding your musical skills. However, this story is also a fascinating example, to my opinion. Are you generally open to talk about it?

I have no issues talking about it its not a big deal. The first time I talked about it I felt like I needed to, because that was like some sort of a big secret. But it is just me getting arrested for something stupid (ed. the arrest was for selling ecstasy, with initial mandatory minimum of 20 years). A lot of people don’t get to experience what I’ve experienced. I’m not going to say it is a gift but if you take what Ive got out of it it is almost a gift. I was certainly sad over the time, and a lot about life, the way people treat you, how you can be easily forgotten. But it was pretty easy for me to get out of it and taught me to really focus on my family, and that family comes first. So I wouldn’t change anything.

The house arrest was the bad part. I was alone in my house and I couldn’t leave. Meantime I learned a lot about myself and what it is that I want from life. And it actually means to be able to actually feel like you are living and not waking up and just doing the same exact thing. I made sure to live life to the fullest. To wake up and do art if I want, do sculptures, travel. If there is something I want, I make sure I do it. I don’t hold back.

As an artist, do you ever feel you could play a part in bringing change?

My wish is to make a little bit of a change, but I don’t think I can do much. I can make a change when it comes to physical change, give food, water, but politics are run by multibillion dollar corporations, where my say does nothing.

However, I still do say my opinion, simply to get off my chest and open up people’s heads. Probably not even with an intention to make a change. E.g. say right now Hillary Clinton is the democratic leader for the nomination, while Bernie Sanders is having an exponential amount of donations. She has super packs, where few donate millions, while Bernie has thousands donating 10-15 bucks. There is no way to change something like that, but I am going to point it out.

What made you decide you need your own label finally?

On one hand, it’s me wanting to publish the music that I play but also, I get a lot of demos from people and I just think, my god, this music needs to be released! I’ve got a lot of friends in Miami, that are really talented, but they don’t have the reach to put the music out on a bigger scale, so since I’m somewhat known I get to help out these people and have their own, even if it is a small scale music career I think it means a lot to people to put your music out. I know exactly what it feels, when your music doesn’t get heard.

How much are you going to focus on the marketing side of Omnidisc?

I don’t think it is going to be much, quite the opposite. I would like the music to do the speaking, but I want the artist to know that there is a plan behind everything, we are there to make sure it reaches the right people, but we are not forcing it down anyone’s throat. If we want to get a review I’ll hit people with an email myself to make sure, that it is coming from me and that I really want the records to be reviewed and the music to be heard.

Tell us what was the reason behind hiding your name and not taking the credit for being the brains behind Omnidisc for over a year?

People nowadays they tend to use a record label to make their names bigger. Even without one song, one EP coming out they’ve already got headlines “so and so has a record label”, while my idea, it comes I guess because I used to run a record label 10 years ago, so it comes from the same mentality. I used to be all white label, just about the music, the only way to find out the names of the songs you had to look on the record itself, it was engraved, it didn’t have a label name. Now it is the same, I want to music to speak first before my name gets attached to it.

Do you think your name would bring certain expectations for a sound?

I think so… well actually, I have no clue. I don’t have my thumb on the pulse when it comes to knowing what people expect from me, my sound. When you think of an artist, you do remember on what have they done previously, so I would expect people do have expectations. I’m just not sure what that sound that they expect from me is at all.

“My musical career goal… no I don’t have one, because it is constantly evolving to something else and I just don’t know where it’s gonna lead me, so I just have short ones”

Talking about it, you have been explored almost every corner of the dance genre. Do you think you are going to settle down or it is part of your approach to be in a change, that excites you?

I’ve never been about one sound. This is where I come, from constant experimenting. I don’t ever see myself as a techno, electro or house DJ. My album is going on New Wave sound, while I make weird music for fashion runways, and then I’m getting into movie scoring so I am definitely not going to settle myself in that sense. I definitely do not want to be just a dance DJ.

You are going to play in SXMusic Festival this March, have you been to the Caribbean before? What are your personal expectations for such small scale, exotic location festivals?

I have been to the Caribbean Islands, but not Saint Martin before. I have played in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, couple little Caribbean spots, but never there. I’m definitely looking forward to it, because it seems it’s going to be really relaxing, I’m even planning to stay couple more days there.

Does space or certain location influence the way you play for the crowd?

I rather adapt to the crowd, even though I don’t really adapt, it’s just what fits in my spectrum of sound, which is a mix of new wave, italo disco, Miami base techno, which I try and portray every set. Try to make people feel a little bit odd, sort of “Damn, I haven’t heard this type of music ever”. If I see the DJ before me plays something really hard, I don’t play along, I bring it back down to something a lot smoother and then build it back up myself.

Is there a certain equipment within your requirements? Are you crazy about your tech stuff?

I’m pretty obsessed with studios, every time I leave my studio, I get pretty anxious to get back home. But regarding gigs, the stuff is pretty basic, two technics, two CD players, I usually use pioneer mixer.

What is your ultimate career goal at this point?

I don’t think I have one, I am doing well when it comes to my career, even income, but I still live in a garage, I bought a house, I made a studio my living space but I am not materialistic at all as long as I have what I need, I’m fine. I think my goal is just to pay my mom’s house, not to have my sister work so very hard, just have a nice little place on the beach where my mom could stay, cause she loves the beach. But when it comes to me, I just want my music to be heard and people to understand who I am as an artist. That’s it.

My musical career goal… no I don’t have one, because it is constantly evolving to something else and I just don’t know where it’s gonna lead me, so I just have short ones. It can lead to me scoring a Quentin Tarantino Movie, I would love to do something like that, but then I have so many of those!

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