The dance music bubble exploded these past couple of years and the market turned into an over saturated battlefield where new ideas come and go and only the ones that dare the impossible make it over the top of the hill. Record labels come and go, artists arise and quickly reach the edge. It’s all due to innovation and the DIY,  which people created to ease up their work and save fortunes.

With the help of DIY methodologies, today’s dance music industry got so distorted that it reached the heights of the 90s rock and roll era. The systematization factor allows people to be involved in the scene without even leaving their chair. Music promotion shifted from attending club nights and getting your way around the local scene, to sending bulk e-mails to researched addresses online via a preset platform while music production is more of a pastime activity and attending events over the ocean is just a simple click away.

All this foreplay leads us to the core of our story whereas bedroom producers or small record labels might not have the sufficient money to get their tracks to the desired standard.

The arrival onto the market of LANDR, a DIY mastering platform, is set to crack numerous concerns for up and comers. It can relief the pressure of sending an unmastered track towards your desired record label, but if you intend on sending the LANDR mastered track towards a record label, you might be in for a surprise. The free version of the platform exports tracks onto a 192 kbps format but the 320 kbps formats are desired by record labels. So, although the free version might very well aid a record label to reduce the cost of mastering demos for testing them in clubs, this ain’t the solution just yet.

Like any DIY platform, LANDR offers 4 types of accounts based on each client’s demand. In order to make the product sought after and to prove its functionality, LANDR offers your to try it out for free first to show it’s capabilities. When this first try-out satisfies your needs you basically choose the right account that fits your demand. The more you pay per month the more options you have on mastering your track for the desired purpose. Have a swirl around LANDR website.

LANDR doesn’t solve the mastering problems of small to medium sized artists or record labels, but it certainly aids to their progress, saving loads of money and giving people just a bit of edge in their conquest. As for their slogan “Mastering the future”, well, I sincerely have doubts. No digital mastering or computer made algorithm will compare to the precision and the detail to which a mastering studio – regardless if they use analog or digital tools – can satisfy each personalized request. But maybe one day…