Fans of Innervisions’ Lost In A Moment had the scare of their life today when the event page of the Amsterdam edition scheduled for this August today read “EVENT CANCELLED”. Due to licensing issues with the Amsterdam municipality the event couldn’t be held at one of Amsterdam’s more exciting new locations, Pampus Eiland – comparable to the reason why they had to blow off their event at this year’s Sonar (Barcelona) edition.

Some hours later though, the event page announced that the event will continue, but in fact relocated to a new venue. The official statement from the event page:

“We gave it our full attention to relocate Lost In A Moment and have pursued all imaginable alternative locations, due to the short notice without any luck. But we are relieved to inform you that we are able to move the planned line up of the upcoming Sunday to the Hembrugterrein [near Zaandam]. A location were amplified music is restricted to indoor but where we can offer an outdoor area to chill and relax. Due to the migration of location we extended the opening hours. We start at 4pm and we will go on till 6am in the morning to enhance the indoor experience.

This is not a replacement and we understand if you don’t want to join us at Hembrugterrein.

We fully understand, we can’t please everyone with this new venue. If you want to refund your Lost In A Moment ticket please send an email with your ticket to Otherwise the tickets will stay valid for the event at Humbrugterrein. We will provide free bus shuttle to the ferry, which brings you to the Hembrugterrein.

Please note: Boats tickets will be refunded automatically”

Attendees seem to handle the news of the new location, especially the fact that it is now an in-door event, considerably well. One reaction had us in tears, though:

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 17.27.03