A unique artist is visiting our town tonight. He was born and raised in southern Germany and resides in the Netherlands at the moment. In a few years he has grown into one of the finest and most wanted DJs and producers out there. He toured the entire world it seems, with his signature sound being in high demand across all borders and continents. We’re talking about Motor City Drum Ensemble, and tonight he’s back in Amsterdam for a night Backstage.

In the flooded marketplace of DJs, very few have been able to earn so much respect from both the public and professional peers like Danilo Plessow, also known as Motor City Drum Ensemble. MCDE stands for the Detroit sound through the decades (Soul, Jazz, Techno) and Danilo’s untameable love for vintage drum machines. Throw these different ingredients together, add his skill to the equation and you what you get is a signature sound that magically turns the clubs he plays into high-energy dance halls that remind you of the period where he draws his dominant influences from.

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Born in 1985, Danilo was interested in music at a very young age. He played drums in a band when he was just six, and started fiddling with computers and samples at the age of eleven. Not much later his first 12”es were a fact, released on imprints as Pulver Records from Stuttgart, or under his own, early project Inverse Cinematics, which he founded and ran with Joachim Tobias, an outlet for house and breakbeat recordings, earning him the respect of Gilles Peterson for instance, or Rainer Trueby.

After some small trips in the nuJazz scene, Danilo eventually got back on his house path, this time adding his own flavour of disco, soul and techno. This new sound he would showcase under his new moniker, the one that we now all know him by. In his first year as MCDE in 2008, he released another impressive number of five 12”es, Like “Sun Sequence” or “Before Leaving EP”. His most noticeable works from that year however were his “Raw Cuts” 1 and 2, which he released on his own imprint MCDE, immediately making big waves across the deep house scene. Hailed by Resident Advisor, they allowed him to make a contribution to their podcast series. It is still widely regarded as one of the best mixes on the renowned platform.

RA Podcast by MCDE

In the following years he would release more editions of his Raw Cuts series, together with releases on a few of the greats, like 2020Vision, Rush Hour, Strictly Rhythm and Get Physical, while also releasing under his own record label MCDE. With the support of labels and colleagues it wasn’t long before major clubs outside of Germany and Europe opened their doors to the Stuttgart-raised boy wonder. Singapore, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, the US, Israel and Iceland are but a few of the places that have had the pleasure of getting MCDE to come and play.

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And now, a month after his incredible gig at New Year’s Eve party Trouwens, Motor City Drum Ensemble is back in Amsterdam for another round of musical bliss. This time in Chicago Social Club’s Backstage, an organisation that isn’t unfamiliar with bringing legendary and high-quality artists to Amsterdam. The main room will be warmed up by the very capable hand of Chris Julien and Jan van Kampen. The pre-sale is sold out sadly, but those that arrive at the door early are sure to grab a hold of one of the door-sale tickets. It’s worth it when there’s a guy like this playing on the other side of that door.

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February 1 | Backstage | Chicago Social Club |