I wanted to introduce our readers to some prominent figures within this approach to electronic music and technology.  Can you name a couple of artists, labels, software, hardware, that would be a good introductory point for people who may not be directly associated with this scene?
JS: We are going to do a workshop with a tool called VVVV, which is based on the concept of the modular synthesizer. You have different patches and you connect them with digital cables. It is a very spontaneous and improvised way of working with graphics and animations. We will project these images on moving human bodies. VVVV is a very interesting tool to connect visuals, as it has a musical approach to connectivity. It is a technical leap to get into but a very interesting piece of software. It is interesting that we have London Modular Alliance in the festival who will do a modular synthesizer set.

What is nice to read are interesting blog posts from Hans de Zwart, who is our introduction speaker from Bits of Freedom, a Dutch organisation fighting for online privacy, who wrote on Ai Wei Wei, saying how he was living in our future. He reflects on Ai Wei Wei and breaks it down how our lives are affected by the same things that he has already been through. This piece is great to understand the context of the event.

You can also start looking at the aesthetics of the music and why has the darker side of techno/house happening?  These musicians are finding aspects of society that are being reflected in the music. It is a sign of the times!

LM: Something I haven’t talked about really is the second, chillout room, which is something I am very excited about.  You never see that in clubs in Holland anymore. That is going to be very deep. It will be curated by Field Records.  This Sunday we will also releate a podcast by Phonaut, who isn’t on the festival bill, but it is very challenging for the listener and represents a new way we may be heading. It is beatless and ambient, exploring different worlds.

How do you define “deep” in a musical sense?
LM: It is atmosphere or adventure.  It is the space between the beats.

Keeping in mind, this rapid evolution of the digital within (night)life, how do you envision the club of the future?
LM: It depends. I think there will be a shift where one side will go really technical. For us it is difficult, because we like the dark concrete halls of places like Radion or Trouw. The more commercial clubs will get more lights, LEDs and lasers, getting totally crazy.

On the other hand there will a lot of people who will get tired of that.  Like now, in Berlin you have Berghain which is very dark with only a stroboscope and smoke.


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