Some Chemistry lived 10 years of his life in Africa and South America. The experience during these years with different cultures and also music wise brought the rhythm in his system. At the age of 14 he sharpened his sense for melodies and harmony playing as a (bass) guitarist in several indie/punk/rock bands. These days, his electronic productions sound similar to his personality: warm and colorful. ‘The feel’ of music is more important than the quality of the kick, he says. He likes to compare his music with the experience of eating a mango. He is a resident for Next Monday’s Hangover, NGHTDVSN and PRISMA and brings forward a mix of deeper and melancholic sounds.

Next Monday’s Hangover, a name that already calls for questions, is not just a regular organization. With their conceptual art, decoration and surprises they stand out in what they do. Their sound can be defined as forward thinking melodic techno with a touch of deep house. However, there is not always need for a continuous beat or groove. Epic storytelling electronic atmospheres is what can be heard at NMH. There is always a bit of a mystery around them. Their locations, openings times, line ups and areas are often one of a kind. This mini festival will again show their unique style, doing what they truly love.


8th of September | DOK 2013 (New Location) | NMH Festival Tickets