MUSAR welcomes Bulgaria’s electro-synth pioneer MANASYt with a new five-track EP, the first in a three-part series. ‘Reality Defense Department,’ his first new material since 2012.

Growing up with Swans, Voivod, Godflesh and singing in hardcore and metal outfits, MANASYt embraced electronic music upon moving to the USA in 1998, living for a period in South Carolina before eventually settling in Detroit. In 2002 he began making his own his own “neuro illektro”, which led to releases on Kommando 6, Touchin’ Bass and Roulette Rekordz, before moving back to Europe in 2005 where he created a new alias, Sam Lowry (named for the central character of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil), under which he released on Strange Life Records.

‘Reality Defense Department’ finds Tassev at his best, crafting a soundtrack for an unmade horror/sci-fi B-movie : ‘Orthodox Spanking’ is dark, wayward fetish party electro/post-punk, fitting for an artist given to performing live in a rubber ‘gimp’ mask. Here, Norwich’s Bibio/Clark collaborator Wax Stag, who delivers a dreamy, cosmic twist of the track.

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