We recently came across a great little company in Australia that deserves some more attention. They’re called Sunny Bins and what they do is sell and rent out solar-powered, mobile soundsystems that are built within a garbage bin. The Melbourne-based company is starting to make a name for itself locally, by renting out their different Sunny Bins at different sustainability events across the city.

The company started back in 2012 as a crazy idea – “a load of rubbish” as they call it themselves. But it turned out to be quite easily to produce a self-sustaining sound system that is built into a garbage bin. Another big plus of the Sunny Bin is the mobility of the inventive plastic-cased speaker. Forget about dragging your heavy speakers to an outside event, just roll it towards your destination.

The sound from the speakers is very high-end, as “state of the art sound equipment” is used. Together with “hand-finished artworks”, the Sunny Bin makes the most of itself. Prices are a little steep, though, as buying a brand new, custom-built bin just for you costs you roughly 2100 Australian dollars. Renting one is a lot cheaper however, starting at $140 a day.

The bins have been rolled out for the recent Sydney festival in Parramatta, Chinese New Year Parade in Sydney’s CBD, The Cancer Councils relay for Life, The Sydney Mardi Gras and the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority for roving D.J sessions around the rocks.

For the full technical specifications, or if you want to buy one yourself, visit their website here.

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