Over the past few days, the skies opened up over Ibiza and let pour a barrage of heavy rain, resulting in waist high flooding.

Though enjoying some 200+ days of sunshine a year, Ibiza is still vulnerable to the elements, especially as late summer humidity roles in.  As the streets filled with water, shop owners and merchants on the island frantically tried to clear out steps and doorways, but to seemingly no avail. Never the ones to fear though, the Ibiza faithful managed to make the best of the situation by bringing the party to the streets, with some relaxing on inflatable rafts, floating down Ibiza’s main streets.

According to Spanish State Meteorological Agency, 37.4 litres of rain fell per square meter over the course of the day. Firefighters received almost 30 calls requesting help with flooded basements as well as one request for help from a group of people inside a vehicle that had broken down in deep water. The Consell de Ibiza also reported several incidents connected to the storm causing disruption on the roads including landslides.

Despite the seriousness of these incidents, many managed to not skip a beat, finding ingenious ways of keeping the party going. And, don’t worry if you’re heading to the White Isle this week, as the weather repost seems rather pleasant.

Check out those videos below and in case you are interested in less crazy ways of spending your rainy Ibiza days, you can check out some suggestions here.

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Posted by UNER on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Source: Ibiza2Day