A free Ibiza apartment with stunning seaside views is being offered throughout the summer by UK pharmacy, Superdrug.

Of course the free apartment comes with a catch, and its a big one…the entire apartment is covered in sexual health warnings and pictures of sexually transmitted infections. Named the “Condom-inium,” the apartment is part of an initiative to engage vacationing Brits on issues of sexual health.

Recent research has found that 1/3 of young Brits aged 18-35 have engaged in unprotected sex while on holiday. Of these, a quarter subsequently contracted an Sexually Transmitted Infection. The study also shows that 31% of the surveyed age group have had a one-night stand while on holiday.

The apartment is located in Avenida del mar and sleeps 4 adults. It will be available, Herpes images and all, 17-23 August 2015, 24-30 August 2015, 31 August 2015-6 September 2015. Guests must be 21 years old or over.

You can book the apartment via homeawayhere

Source: The Independent