The concept of luxury development as produced en-masse seems a phenomena quite distinct to the 21st Century.

The Sunday Times has reported that billionaire brothers David and Simon Reuben have bought three miles of prime beachfront in Ibiza for £25m. Their purchase spans from Cala Bassa, to Cala Conta, including a restaurant and bar Sunset Ashram. Also in the deal is the Es Penyal area.

Originally given permission by Ibiza authorities to redevelopment, the conditions of which have no expired being replaced with the all-too-frequent mantra of popular destinations: to build “luxury developments“.

Though no clubs will be immediately impacted it is of added concern to the general accessibility of Ibiza, especially in its era of transformation from bohemian hideaway to luxury tourism hotspot. As cities like New York and London have seen all too clearly in the dissipation of local business, cultural institutions, and community, the issue of over development with emphasis on the global elite is not one to specifically affect dance music but rather culture at large. Let’s keep an eye on this and see if it spawns further development of such definition.

Source: Sunday Times