If you want to know what is hot in tech house right now, look no further than Dennis Cruz, whose latest single ‘New Life‘ is in the Top 10 Tech House chart on many download sites.

The Spanish born producer—who also runs his own label Lemon-Aid Music and has only been on the scene since 2010 when he emerged in Madrid–has a real knack for turning out the sort of floor rocking tunes that DJs and dancers simply cannot get enough of. His high rate of release means he always has not one but a bunch of tunes in the Beatport Top 100, and they come on labels like Snatch and Solid Grooves, Saved, Surubua and Deeperfect.

Solid Grooves is also a party in Ibiza about to launch a full season of events with great guests and Dennis is one of them, so we quizzed him about this, about his studio process and more.

“Making music is about emotions”

Should house music be just about fun, or can/should it have social or political messages as well?
I think the most important thing is to have fun but it can also have a social or political message..

What made you want to be a DJ and producer in the first place, where and when did you get into the music, what parties and labels?
When I was 16 I started going to parties in Madrid and I fell in love with electronic music, my friend from school had two Technics and one mixer at his home, so i started playing there. Since then I couldn’t stop djing. I started to produce years later when I studied sound engineer.

You play in the UK a lot – how do you like playing there vs other places in the world? Are crowds different everywhere, do you think?
I love playing in the UK, every crowd is different and each country is different in regards to the styles of tech-house they like, I have my own style but always try to adapt a little to get them going crazy!

You also head to Ibiza to play for Solid Grooves soon – what are your thoughts on Ibiza, what makes it so great?
I love to play in Ibiza, and i’m so happy to play with Solid Grooves at Vista Club this summer, the energy on the island is so special and its such a multicultural place, can’t wait for it!

Have you got any tips on where people should go for the best food, music, cultural things? Do you explore the island yourself?
I have been many times, I absolutely love it…for parties you have to come to our Solid Grooves Thursdays at Vista Club Privilege, you can’t miss it!

For beaches my favourite is Cala Saladeta & Cala Bassa, also you need to see Es vedrá & the sunset at Punta Galera, Sundays at Benirras are also amazing where you can find many people drumming till the sunset, truly amazing vibes. I would suggest trying the many restaurants in the smaller villages of the island where you can eat Mediterranean food.

Back home in Spain, is there a good scene, good parties, lots of new young talents coming through, do you know? Anyone we should listen out for?
Yes in Spain we have a good scene an lot of good artists. Young talent you should listen to are Yamil, Daniel Lera, Piem, Ms Bianca and Luixar Kl.

You release a lot of music – what inspires and influences it, how do you make each track different?
Making music is about emotions, you could make a happy uplifting track one day, and other day make something a lot darker depending on how you feel at that particular time. I have a lot of influences from funky soul and latin music.

You got nominated as best DJ and producer from Viscous mag – what does that mean to you? How does it make you feel?
I’m so happy to be recognised as one of best producers of Spain, but the most important thing is when I go out to the club and see everyone enjoy the music.

What are your top three hottest tunes right now and why?
– My latest track, New Life out on Snatch! Records, now on the top10 beatport Tech House tracks, whenever I drop this tune the crowd goes crazy…

– Matt Sassari – Pushing, this amazing track from Matt isn’t released yet but it has good reverse vocals and killer rhythm, an absolute banger!

– Also my track El Aqua, also out on Snatch! is one of my favourite productions, this track is perfect for the summer, the latin vocals and percussion in the drop brings the vibes.

How do you like to relax away from music, how do you like to spend your money?
I love to run, go on my bike, drink some beers with my friends and go on holidays to relax and disconnect.

Catch Dennis play 17th June in Barcelona at the Suruba Showcase (OFF Week) as well as multiple dates in Ibiza with Solid Grooves, every Thursday at Vista Club Privilege.


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