Do you enjoy social media or do you find it nothing more than a marketing necessity?
I do enjoy twitter as I like conversing with people & having a laugh. Facebook is much more of a chore. Twitter is instantaneous & what you post is generally a flash in the an (so to speak) whereas Facebook posts can hang around like a bad smell…

What are your thoughts on artists engaging in Twitter “wars”? Do you find the safety of the social media world to be inhibitive toward a wider, more substantive dialogue?
My view on it is that if someone gives me shit, is rude to me or insulting to me or one of my friends then just like if I was in the street, I would confront them. Because I am in the public eye people think that you shouldn’t react but fuck it, I don’t like people being an asshole from behind the safety of their computer screen anymore or less than I would if they were in the open air. But to answer your question directly, yes I do think it makes the world to be inhibitive toward a wider, more substantive dialogue & it makes you realise what a lot of crude, mean & horrible people there are in the world. I kind of wish the internet hadn’t been invented at times because I believe the world was a nicer place, but its a double edged sword because I don’t think I would be anywhere near as successful if It wasn’t for the internet…

Did you design of your Twitter avatar?
I didn’t design it, I found it and your are not allowed GIF images as your twitter avatar any longer but I got it before twitter disallowed them hence the fact I am not verified. I will never change it 🙂

Aside from Twitter and Facebook you are one of the few DJs I see with a prominent following on Instragram (if you know of others please let me know as I would be interested). How do you approach your social media channels? What kind of information goes out on what channel?
I don’t really have a filter as such. I just post what I want to. I think the world should be as free as possible & be able to post what you like as long as it isn’t harmful or offensive (racism, homophobia etc etc). If its funny or interesting to me, I post it!

Has there been a particular twitter feud you have found entertaining?
I don’t really pay attention tbh. Its here one minute, gone the next.

Back to Ibiza…As you are doing 4 dates at Cocoon, how have the dates been so far? How have you been finding the vibe on the island this year?
The vibe on the island has been great as always & every gig I have played has also been great. People seem to give Ibiza a lot of shit & say its changed etc. It has changed but you get out of it what you put in. If you come to the island saying its not the same & that there are loads of idiots here etc then you aren’t going to enjoy yourself. If you come here thinking that its a beautiful island, bathed in the Mediterranean sun with some of the best food, restaurants & clubs in the world & its as great (if a little different) as it always has been then you will have a good time.

What is your relationship with Cocoon? What does it mean to you to be a part of that long running nightlife institution?
It means a lot to me to be part of Cocoon. I have been going to Cocoon parties for a lot longer than I have been a successful DJ & to be part of the gang is an honour & a privilege.

What is the experience like playing the main room of Amnesia Ibiza?
Both the Terrace & the Main Room are two of the best rooms in the world & its one hell of an experience playing in them.

I wanted to ask a bit about your J.E.S.u.S. collaboration with Seth Troxler, Jackmaster, and Skream. How did this idea form? How far do you plan to pursue it? Will we be seeing J.E.S.u.S. releases? Like with the Patrick Topping question, how do these 3 DJs complement you, as well as each other?
J.E.S.u.S is 4 blokes who like to have a good time & like DJing coming together & simply doing that. We will do stuff as & when we think its the right time to do so. Thats all folks. We all compliment each other in different ways. We take it each others styles on board & go with it. It’s great.

What are your plans once the summer is over? Any time to relax?
Plans are to keep djing & having as much fun with my family & friends as possible because that is what life is all about. No rest for the wicked. 🙂

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