Now, you will also be launching a compilation-featuring stand out tracks from this season. How did you gauge the effectiveness of these tracks to put on the compilation? What was your one, single standout track that, in your opinion, truly represents MATERIA?
Yes, the MATERIA XL2 comes out on the 14th October, and has a selection of 21 tracks which I think personally were often played and were well received throughout the season by all artists at Vista. Its tracks which I think represent MATERIA the best, what we are about and what you can expect if you were to come to an event. Energetic, pure techno with a hint of melody! To define one track it would be a hard choice between two. One of them is on my next EP “Gravity Drag” which is to be released on MBR Limited on October 21st and maybe the last beautiful track on the compilation “Soolee” by Tense (Unam Zetineb Remix).

You guys also recently released a comprehensive aftermovie documenting MATERIA’s first season. I’m wondering, as the concept of the aftermovie (in general), in my opinion, tends to fluctuate between informative and somewhat self congratulatory, how did you and your team want to approach its production and message?
Well, we just wanted to make a movie which demonstrated the production as well as party side of MATERIA, and be able to share this with a lot of fans all over the world, many of who cant travel to Ibiza to the events – its important for me to create content for fans all over the world. I wanted to have some of the artists in this video, with their honest opinions about what they think of both the event and myself. I am just happy that they said god things ☺

I think the documentary style of it makes it more interesting, rather than just loads of shots of the club and noting else. People want to know more, hear artists talk and also being part of this myself, and being interviewed is really important.

Who was involved in the production of the aftermovie? Why did you choose this team? What were your initial production conversations like?
We had a couple of different teasers and videos made for MATERIA, both before the season and then a short closing one, and then the main aftermovie which we just talked about. Initially we used Harry and Jack who are also working at DC10 etc, but the closing movie was done by Steve and my good friend Mike Parry from Lucky Life TV. They are great guys, and I love the work they do, so for me as they have worked on previous jobs for me with my documentary, its always easier to work on new projects, as they know what I want and how to make sure its done right the first time. I think they did justice to MATERIA with all films produced!

How do you plan on “winding down” after the rigors of the summer schedule? Any holiday plans?
I wish I had some vacation time! I will have to wait until January before I can take a proper break. I have just gone straight from Ibiza to South America to complete another tour there and then back to Ibiza for Fiesta Closing!

What is one thing you’d like to know about the MATERIA concept and your plans for its future?
Well I think we have touched a lot on what the concept vision is above, and how we are trying to achieve something new and a little different for our fans. But for the future plans we have a lot of events coming up, the next is in Milan, Italy on the 31st October for Monterland Festival! After that, we will have another event in December, but we are just confirming venues at the moment for this, so we will let you all know soon.

For 2017, we have France in February, and then another show in my home of Belgium with artists including Ben Klock, Shlomo and myself! Exciting times!

Thanks guys! ☺

“MATERIA XL2” is available 16 October on MB Elektronics

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