In 2016 you also celebrate 10 years of Diynamic. I know you will be taking the entire family on a global tour beginning in Berlin on April 9. Why did you decide to kick the celebrations off in Berlin? Why at Watergate and Ritter Butzke?
We start our 10years of Diynamic celebrations in Berlin and we end up in hamburg, the town where we come from. We ant to celebrate in different key cities and take over the city with Diynamic aritists for one night. So in Berlin all Diynamic artists played three times: two times in the two clubs during the night – and one time at the after party. And with Watergate and Ritter Butzke we have a long relationship, so this was a no brainer.

What cities would you consider to be major players in the success of Diynamic over the years? Where would you rank Amsterdam?
May sound a little slimy, but Amsterdam was the first place outside of Germany where people digging the Diynamic sound. That’s why Amsterdam is always top ranking for us. And the most loyal fans you can have here: we are doing the Diynamic Festival in Amsterdam since four years, and no matter how cold and windy it may have been: the people dance and party, this is so amazing.

After a decade, how has your approach as label head changed (if it has)? How do you look at acquiring new music, new artists, and keeping things fresh? How does this compare to when you first launched?
Main difference is the amount of people who talk before there are decisions. Back in the days it was easy to decide, nowadays as we have so many artists it takes a little longer. But this is totally fine with me. Everybody is in exchange with everybody, this keeps us fresh. And with the “Four To the florr”- series we have a great platform for other artists to release on Diynamic.

What are some other aspects of the summer season you are looking forward to? Any other particular events, or even personal holidays and such?
I gonna play Sarajevo again, this is something I am really looking forward to. And there will be something really big going on also with Diynamic for the 10th anniverary in Ibiza this August, but this is still a secret …

Solomun+1 Returns With H.O.S.H on Sunday, 12 June @ Pacha Ibiza


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