Tell us about some of the best nights you have had there this year.. you must have some crazy stories?
Unfortunately, it was all normal this year;-)

Does the hot weather affect the sounds you play and make, do you think? Are you inspired by things like that or does your music come more from inside?
I get my ideas from anything anywhere. I’ve got my eyes everywhere and aim to get inspired from many things and situations.

Are you working on an artist album? who will you approach it? Will it be club music?
I am working on my first album. It’s gonna be quite broad, reaching from Chillhouse over G-House to Techno and Deep-House. Stay tuned!

Finally, what is that Tapesh feeling, can you explain? I it a feeling you get, or that we get, when listening to your music?
Tapesh music aims to bring a lot of joy and fun and the listeners should be turned into a good mood and just have a good time. I always aim to produce absolute quality.

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