Moog, the iconic synthesizer with half a century of history, has unveiled a new synth that invokes its early days while also paying respect to the future of sound synthesis.

Named the Mother-32, it is the companies first tabletop semi-modular synthesizer. It is an analog instrument, therefore able to add raw analog sound, sequencing and extensive interconnectivity to any electronic or modular ecosystem. Meticulously designed to provide artists with a diverse array of creative tools to inspire new music (including samples programmed by The Haxan Cloak), unique sound and endless sonic exploration, the Mother-32 will be available as a standalone unit and/or Eurorack module with a plethora of racking options, including rack ears for up to three modules.

An official description of the hardware describes some of its specifics as: “Mother-32 comes secured in a rugged extruded aluminum enclosure with wood sides and features a voltage controlled 32-step sequencer with 64 sequence locations, definitive Moog low pass and high pass Ladder Filter, 2 voltage controlled mixers, a classic Moog oscillator with dual outputs, wide-range LFO with audio-rate modulation capability, MIDI input and MIDI to CV conversion, white noise, a modular patchbay with 32 patch-points for extended synthesis complexity and an assignable CV jack with 16 assignable sources”.

But don’t mind all the technical language. Put in simpler words, by Moog engineer Amos Gaynes: “The goal was to create an accessible, easy to use, and extremely fun little instrument, which is self-contained and fully able to stand on its own. It’s also easy to integrate directly into a larger Euro-format modular system, which is a first for Moog and something that has been requested by a growing number of users over the years.”

And all this for a suggested retail price of $679…not too bad. Direct orders to begin shipping sometime in mid-late November.

Check out more information on the Mother-32 on Moog’s website

• Semi-Modular design requires no patching for swift, inspired music creation
• Voltage Controlled 32 Step Sequencer with 64 Sequence Locations
• Low Pass & High Pass Moog Ladder Filter (20Hz–20kHz) with voltage controlled resonance
• External audio input for processing outside sound sources
• Definitive Moog oscillator with Pulse and Sawtooth wave outputs
• 5-pin MIDI input and MIDI to CV converter
• 32 Modular Patch Points (Includes 5 patch cables)
• 2 Voltage controlled mixers
• Superb companion to Werkstatt 01, Minitaur and other synthesizers
• Main module can be easily transferred into a Eurorack skiff or case
• Mount 2 or 3 units vertically with optional 2 and 3 Tier kits
• Complete solution for new Eurorack users – no other items required

Source: The Creators Project