Straight out of St.Petersburg, Russia, comes Fanick, a young man who has been active since his early teens. He started early and is reaping the benefits of those years spent practising on the ones and twos signing his latest release to one of Deep House London’s favourite labels, Overall Music. This EP is typical Overall style; groovy, deep and utterly irresistable. It comes with two originals and two remixes and makes for a great little package.

Opening with the title track, we’re gripped straight away by crisp, skippy 4×4 beats and a smooth absorbing bassline. It emits a mellow warmth with the percussion injecting a healthy amount of energy, while the bass lulls you into a relaxed state – its a juxtaposition that works really well. Synth lines rise and dip, adding a touch of melancholy to the track.

Paris veteran Terence:Terry steps up to the plate for the remix, which is more downbeat with a moody bassline and drums that almost slither along with menace. It’s actually a totally different track and works as a great accompaniment to the original.

Then we have “S19“, which has a guitar-esque riff rubbing against a bouncy, ultra groovy bassline. It’s the kind of track we can imagine Djebali or Apollonia playing at a terrace party, sun shining and beats inspiring everyone to shake their hips. As the track progresses Fanick throws in some funky keys, flecks of 909 and ups the ante with the riff.

Rising French artist Mr KS finishes up this EP with this remix of “S19“, which features his trademark drum programming, fast paced, razor sharp and created to make your body move. He retains the bassline from the original, though the tone is a little more sombre. Try sitting or standing still to this… it’s virtually impossible.

All in all, wicked sunshine grooves from Fanick and the gang. You’ll be hearing these tracks throughout the summer we’re sure.

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Ondatra EP

OVLLM021 Fanick – Ondatra Ep by Overall Music