In a practice frequently used by the EU, several small towns throughout the Netherlands have began testing their waste water for insight into local drug habits.

Interestingly, for a country with such prominent history of soft drugs and MDMA usage, it is actually Speed that pops up the most in rural areas. Back in March, the NRC checked the waste water of 8 towns in North and West Holland over the period of one week. The water was tested for cocaine, MDMA. cannabis, amphetamines and methamphetamine.

“Speed is farmers cocaine…‘It is cheap and easy to get hold of. We are going to disrupt the market,” mayor Johan van Everdingen said. Of particular interest here is that many of these communities with a high amphetamine prevalence are actually “closed communities” where drugs are rarely mentioned, let alone acknowledged, but with these findings this myth of innocence can easily be put to rest.