Contrary to your Chicagoan peers, you actually look upon vinyl as somewhat of a bygone medium, especially since basically every club now has a digital soundsystem.
Not just that, nobody knows the intricacies of engineering sound for vinyl anymore.

So how do you look upon the vinyl revival that’s going on now? Is it a lasting development?
Man, I hope not, vinyl is so heavy! But I don’t think so. Because vinyl doesn’t travel well. Nobody is pressing up 20.000 copies of a record anymore, they’re pressing up only 100-500 copies. So if your vinyl gets scratched up on flights, it’s gone forever.


Does this also mean that you yourself aren’t playing that much vinyl at gigs anymore?
All vinyl that I get goes digital then burned to CD. The original copy is preserved forever and will never get played out.

When can we expect your next record?
I’m doing a series called ‘True House Stories’ with House Of Virus. The 1st is about the time Frankie Knuckles locked me in his club. Going to be at least 20 stories and all are coming out on my new label Freakin 909.

What’s the latest record you bought for home listening?
Every song I buy is for home listening! But one I particularly enjoy is Eminescence by Vince Watson.

Finally, which classic disco or soul record should every DJ know from front to back if he wants to be taken seriously as a musical expert?
‘I Can’t Turn Around’ by Isaac Hayes.

Thanks for your time Marshall.

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