What’s your style, are you a long and slow mixer or a fast and hard type of guy?
Depends on the structure of the record, if there are long pads and drawn out musical elements I would mix long and slow – Sasha style. If the tracks are more jacking in their percussive elements I would mix fast; I am big on swapping snares for effect. I also like to swap hi-hats and vocal elements over garage style, chopping between the records back and forth.

Have you got any insider tips on what might be some big Ibiza anthems this summer?
Hopefully my new EP on Skint!

What else are you looking forward to / have you got coming up?
Massively looking forward to all the Tribal line-ups this summer there are some amazing shows coming up and really excited for it all to kick off!

Also me and my production partner Winter Son have more records scheduled for release that we cannot announce at the moment.

The Martinez Brothers have stated in their most recent interview that Ibiza can really do your head in if you’re not careful. What’s your attitude to this? Have you ever felt like it’s all a bit too much?
No not at all for me life is about balance, as long as you have that then I think you will be sweet, wherever you are.

In your “How I Play” feature you mentioned that you scan the crowd regularly during a gig to see what kind of tracks they would soak up best. Which kinds of features do you pay attention to? (the type of person, way they dance, etc?)
It is not a particular action that I focus on, anyone can tell if there is good energy in the room, I look at the audience as a whole and try and try get the best connection I can.

How do you prepare yourself (mentally & physically) for the rigours of an Ibiza summer season? Can you walk us through a typical day/night of a performance?
I try to stay in bed as late as possible and conserve as much energy as I can during the day so I am feeling fresh and buzzing when I get onto the decks… And usually eat paella J

I didn’t prepare mentally or physically haha – I don’t think rigour is the right would to describe the Ibiza season as it such a relaxed island, I suppose it depends where you are living, in Figueretas where I live it is really peaceful, more relaxed than Manchester for sure.

If a young, up-and-coming DJ (lets say around 18 years old) from [insert random country name here] came up to you and said “I want to be a resident in Ibiza,” what kind of advice would you give them as to how to make their dreams a reality? What kind of personality would you say is needed to make it on the island as a performer, especially when being so young?
Make some records! Unfortunately there are so many DJs at the moment that it is really uncommon for a DJ to achieve just on the strength of his or her playing skills alone. I often say to my friends that I wish it was otherwise as in my opinion I feel that DJing and production are completely different and just because you are good at one, it does not necessarily apply to the other.

I would like to bring back the old school and let’s have some DJs that spin regular without any productions, I can’t imagine it, but it is a nice thought. There are some amazing DJs in Manchester I know that have amazing record collections but will not get any gigs as they don’t have any tracks out. This is a shame, but that is just the way it is at the moment.

I think the attitude needed is determination; an undying hunger to achieve is the only way that I think an 18 year old would get to where they wanted to be, I think all DJs would agree with me on that one, no-one really flukes it by becoming a DJ overnight. It takes dedication.

How would you compare a club night in the UK vs a club night in Ibiza? What kind of similarities/differences do you frequently encounter?
Ibiza has the Balearic magical element, it is more of a carnival atmosphere, whereas Manchester has more of the acid house rave feeling to it. Both are some of my favourite places to play in their own different ways.

Thanks a lot for the interview – I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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