Would you recommend any like-minded Japanese films? Have you considered scoring any other film in a similar fashion?
I haven’t come across anything as impactful as this film as of yet. Unfortunately many of the early Japanese silent films have disappeared so I fear that some other incredible films like this one have vanished forever. For ‘Page of Madness’, I didn’t go searching for a film to score and I don’t think I’ll go looking again but if I do come across something this great that needs some extra mood, I just might because it was so much fun to do.

What has your relationship like with scoring feature films? Have you done so? If not, is it something you would be interested in? To clarify, by films I mean original content, commissioned to you?
I had never scored a film before and it’s really a different way to think but after doing this one, I have developed a few techniques that I would love to try again somewhere else….as long as the content is dark and moody. I think I would be worried that my score wouldn’t be appreciated by people outside of our electronic music scene. Although the boundaries are starting to blend more and more. I wonder what Kinugasa would think of mine.

Speaking of relationship with films, what is your general relationship with cinema? Do you have personal preferences as to genre, era, theory, etc?
Im not really a cinephile. I do enjoy movies more than most people and watch anything I can get my eyes on but I never go too deep into theory or directors as much as some of my friends do. I love everything from film noir to hollywood hits. My favourite movie is Blade Runner if that is any indication.

What have your experiences been in the country of Japan? I actually lived in Tokyo for 3 years in my youth and still think quite fondly of the country. How would you describe the allure of Japan as a country?
Growing up, I slowly realized that everything I like seemed to come from Japan….things like Ultraman and Johnny Socko, food, synthesizers and Yellow Magic Orchestra and video games! Going there for me is like a giant playground and it’s so much fun. There something about this culture that is indescribable and not possible to understand but ya, I love it!

What was the most essential piece of gear used in order to compose the ‘A Page of Madness’ soundtrack?
I think the Eventide reverb units. Everything is soaked in reverb so that when a noise or sound plays, it reverberates through the hallways of the asylum itself. The H8000FW Black Hole reverb was used alot.

Finally, off topic completely, I had attended the recent Techno For Humanity event where you joined a massive lineup to perform for the sake of asylum seeker awareness. Why did you feel the need to get involved in that event?

Personally, I felt the powers that be could learn something from the inclusive nature of the dance music community, on which I wrote a rather lengthy editorial.
I’m living in Berlin right now and it’s a big part of the day to day news. You see the heartache and you want to help but feel so useless. We were planning to go see what we can do when I was told about Ida’s idea. So immediately I jumped on board. I figured it was a great way to get things started and I was really happy to see everyone get together to help out though something I love to do. I’m aware that there’s more work to be done but now I’m headed in the right direction.

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