After a sold-out first edition, Kaleidoscope is coming back in a big way, sporting a diverse line-up of respected artists. The grandiose event will again take place in the huge playground called Central Studios, located near the city-centre of Utrecht.

Last March we published an preview on the first edition of Kaleidsocope. The bar was set pretty high for an event’s first edition, because next to the solid line-up that covered renowned, international artists and Dutch movers and shakers, the organization was also keen on trying to add some spectacular lighting elements into the craze, which would lift up the crowd on a kaleidoscopic journey to accompany the music. We were there that night and saw that the high expectations were met as we saw the huge crowd dancing in unity in front of us. An impressive sight to say the least, especially with all the lighting effects that were happening all around you.

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Suffice to say that more events had to follow and so it did. On the 27th of September Kaleidoscope will be hosting round 2 on the same place and hopefully with the same madness. Before the calendar has even hit Summer, the first round of tickets has already sold out. It gives you an idea of just how eager their fan base is looking forward to it.

So what have they got lined-up for you this time? Well, let’s begin with the quartet of German artists that they have rounded up.. Let’s begin with Frans Zimmer, aka Alle Farben. The young lad from Kreuzberg (the famous culturally sprawling borough in Berlin) is a phenomenon that the world can’t seem to get enough of right now. With his accessible, happy deep house sound he is able to make the ladies go wild – and the guys  a bit jealous. The duo Tube & Berger are probably just as highly anticipated as their fellow countryman. These dudes started out almost a decade ago, when they already had their breakthrough with ‘Straight Ahead‘. They again reached no. 1 status with ‘Lovebreak‘ and made a critically acclaimed album entitled ‘Introlution‘, which solidified their presence into the underground dance music scene of today.

A name maybe even more familiar to some of you is Robin Schulz, who will also be appearing behind the decks in the late hours of the event. Robin hardly needs any introduction these days, as he is globetrotting the planet week after week. To many his smooth, dreamy and pop-infused style is as addictive as it is danceable. Last, but not at all least in this list of German DJs, is Sidney Charles (mix). As the former three artists are known for their laid-back sound, Sidney is the exact opposite and with his energetic, raunchy house sound he will surely shake up the place from the very first beat.

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Also coming along are some highly recommended artists from Amsterdam as well as from Utrecht. Club Trouw’s Nuno Dos Santos (mix) will treat the crowd to his sophisticated mix of forward-looking and genre-defying grooves, while Cleavage will tear up the place with one of their characteristically energetic sets. Samuel Deep and Anil Aras will make you go back in time with their respective garage/bass edge and old-school chicago sound. And a special tip: Rachelle Grooten, who opened at the first edition and absolutely nailed it. This lady knows her records!

Even though it still takes a little while, there is already enough buzz going around for this one, and like last time, we’re sure that Kaleidoscope will deliver the goods to its attendees and establish its name as a big player in Utrecht’s nightlife.

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