This weekend Fly Watergate will be lifting up Berlin to higher grounds with its third installation of their Open Air events. Next week, on the third of August, Watergate will invite Diynamic to host Open Air #4. At their trusted Rummelsburg visitors will be dancing and splashing away during the highly anticipated musical festivities that the Hamburg label will bring along to the German capital. 

After their grand-scale festival in Amsterdam a while back, Diynamic Open Air in Berlin will be more cozy and intimate, with a small selection of some of the best artists signed to their label. Hailing from Utrecht, Netherlands is Karmon (mix/interview),whose funky style in classic tracks like Feel It and Take My Hand has spawned a great following in- and outside his home country. Lately Karmon has engaged in a more progressive, futuristic production framework that is also heard through his sets. So expect the unexpected next weekend when you hear him play.
karmon ditnamic open air
The two Adrians, aka Adriatique (mix/interview) are also joining the party. One of our favourites for sure, not in the least part because of the way they nailed our Rooftop Sessions back in April. The dynamic duo have grown to great heights in the last year with incredible releases and globetrotting tours. At Rummelsburg, Adriatique can showcase their perfect cocktail of ominous atmospheres and bass lines together with beautifully crafted melodies that keeps you goosebumped long after they have left the stage.

A born musician in the broadest sense of the word is Stimming. Ever since we heard H.O.S.H. talk about his production escapades with his Diynamic compadre – like recording the sound of pots and pans being smashed and making a track out of it – we have kept an interest in this enigmatic character. Being somewhat of a rare breed within the label’s family, Stimming is as refreshing in the studio as he is behind the decks.

Get ready to be doused in euphoria when you hear Hamburg/Berlin duo Christian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann, aka Kollektiv Turmstrasse play their live set. They’re one of those rare acts whose music caters for both body and soul. Their sense of emotion – informed by their upbringing on Germany’s visually arresting Baltic Sea coast – lends their productions a human warmth, allowing them to slot effortlessly into both club and home listening scenarios. Electronic music is most definitely an art for them; not a science.

kollektiv turmstrasse
A Diynamic showcase isn’t complete before David August has appeared before the crowd. What is their left to say of this supertalent who has taken over the scene completely. After an astronomical rise to fame via the Hamburg label, he has now entered the rarefied atmosphere of Innervisions with his translucent sound. His overwhelming live sets are an example of true artistry that few others can match. Be there on time, because the stage will be packed with abiding fans.

david august diynamic open air
Closing off, label runners Solomun (interview) & H.O.S.H. will get things rallied up before long. This powerhouse twosome are a true treat for your ears and stomping feet. The guys have just wrapped up their world-tour that has brought them to every continent imaginable, igniting the spark everywhere they go. Don’t be mistaken by the timidity of their productions every now and then, because when performing these guys bring an amount of energy to the table that will hurl you back a few inches. Solomun’s skill and record selecting abilities were last shown to me during Fusion Festival, where he kicked off the event on the Thursday afternoon and had thousands of bodies jacking to his techno gems that kept pumping on and on. Together with the funk of H.O.S.H., these cats will be the icing on the cake, and a worthy conclusion to what will probably be a very memorable day..

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